instructional video

How to build a fire when it's wet.

Fire building has long been a passion of mine. It's a foundational outdoor skill. It can save your life! But when it's not saving your life it can just plain make a camping trip. Who doesn't have fond memories of sitting around a campfire watching the embers glow. 

There are conditions that make it hard to get a fire going and in the Pacific Northwest those conditions are here most of the year. It's almost always wet here. I'm going to share a few tips and tricks to help get a fire going in the wettest conditions. 

In this video I'm using flint and steel (my favorite method of fire building), but these principles hold true for however else you want to get a flame. 

I also talk about char cloth and ferro rod as a fire starting method. It's a more modern version of flint and steel. It's a very reliable and powerful fire starting method. We have two kits in our shop that make an excellent addition to any gear list. 

The Colter Spark - Ferro Rod Char Cloth Kit:

The Colter Fire Piston: 

Both come with char cloth kits and provide long term service in fire building. Great to throw into a day pack, bug out bag, or survival kit.