Colter Co. ferro rod char cloth kit
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Colter Spark - Ferro Rod Char Cloth Kit

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FIRE! It's one of the cornerstones of survival. This compact kit gives you several reliable ways to start a fire under even the worst conditions.

The ultimate fire starting kit:

- Char cloth tin with 15 uncharred pieces of 100% cotton flannel 

- Ferro rod with magnesium backer embedded in Padauk Wood Handle. 

Ferro rod sparks are twice as hot the head of a lit match, and lit magnesium is 7 times hotter. The Padauk wood in the handle is high in resin and can be scrapped to create excellent tinder when none is available in the field. Hold the scrapper at 45 degrees and firmly scrape on the ferro rod toward char cloth or tinder bundle. Scrape, don't strike. When using damp tinder scrape a quarter sized pile of magnesium shavings and scrape ferro rod into pile. 

To char the cloth, put closed tin into a fire or barbecue for about 3 and a half minutes. Smoke and flame will come out of the hole in the lid while it is charring. Finished char cloth will be solid black, but still hold together. The finished char cloth with catch several sparks with a single strike of the ferro rod. It will hold the spark for up to a minute. When you have a spark, place the char cloth into a tinder bundle and gently blow until the bundle catches flame. 

More char cloth can be created with 100% cotton materials and some natural materials, like punk wood, dry grass or poplar bark. 

We know you'll love it, or your money back. 

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Colter Co. ferro rod char cloth kit
Colter Co. ferro rod char cloth kit
Colter Co. ferro rod char cloth kit

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