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New Product Launch: Know Your Knots Practice Rope Kit

Colter Co. is happy to announce the Know Your Knots Practice Rope Kit. The perfect, portable way to keep your knot tying skills fresh. The kit includes two 5' lengths of smooth quality climbing rope with a oiled tanned leather and brass utility strap, and a Know Your Knots bandana for reference. Throw it in your pack and practice around the campfire. Or on the bus. Or during a conference call (no one can see you over the phone.) Once you've mastered the 16 knots on the bandana you'll be able to tie your way out of just about any jam that comes your way. 

This makes a great gift for a new scout, as a rank advancement gift, or to the diehard outdoorsy person in your life. I do believe there's a father's day coming up... Just saying

You can buy it here


A rope with no Knot...

Knot tying is an ancient art. Using a rope or cord could be considered one of the most basic forms of tool creation. Although they are humble, don't overlook the simple knot! What good is a rope without a knot? Not much. You can use it as a snake decoy, I suppose. But with knots, it becomes a countless number of things. A clothes line, a belt, the support for a shelter, a net, a hammock, a tower (poles not included), a snare, the shoulder straps for a backpack. I could go on... And will, in future posts. Check back in the future for tips and projects to add to your knot tying arsenal.