Knowledge is the best piece of equipment you can carry.

Colter Co. is about developing the knowledge and skills that will make your time outdoors more fulfilling. While there are lots of exciting new developments in outdoor gear and technology, some of the most basic skills are just as relevant and necessary as ever. We are dedicated to making sure the skills your Grandfather learned from his Grandfather make their way to the next generation. 


Better Bandanas

A standard bandana is an outdoor staple, and has been for centuries. And for good reason. A bandana is so much more versatile than most pieces of gear. It can be used in a thousand different ways. It's only limited by the users creativity. Colter Co. is on a mission to make bandanas better. We take that indispensable piece of gear and add a new layer of benefit. Knot diagrams, star charts, board games and more. These bandanas give you the added benefit of being able to leave other gear home. Lighten your load by replacing the bandanas you're already carrying with something better. Pack less, take more.