More than just a bandana...

When I was 11 I started spending a lot of time in the woods near my house. I began to learn basic skills that I still use and cherish today. As I've grown and now have children of my own I can see the immense value in giving our children the assets they need to learn on their own and have experience that will help them develop skills like creativity and improvisation while building self confidence and learning to understand and love nature. Each of our unique products give adventures of all ages versatile tools to learn and grow. 


Dedicated to the spirit of adventure

John Colter (1774-1814)

John Colter was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804-1806. He was honorably discharged on their return trip to help lead another group back to the upper Missouri river. After leaving that group he explored much of modern day Idaho and Wyoming alone. He was the first European to see the Yellowstone basin. The stories he brought back with him made people think he had lost his mind in the wilderness, and many people jokingly called the place “Colter’s Hell”, not believing it existed at all. John Colter is widely considered to be one of the first mountain men, and his pioneering spirit is an important part of the history of the west.

Colter Co. is dedicated to the spirit of John Colter. It’s about the love of wilderness, and exploration. It’s about the spirit of self sufficiency, and having the skills to pay the bills. Or, in Mr. Colter’s case, the skills to survive the brutal winters of Idaho and Wyoming, alone, with only what you can carry on your back.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the skills that have existed for millennia get passed on to the next generation. We want to make sure that another 200 years from now, we still have the spirit of the west in our hearts.  

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